How much does app development cost?

Adam Lyttle

The world has changed. We've been building online custom websites and apps for over 14 years. Over our time we've seen trends come (and go). Many businesses approach us for their new app idea and the first question is "how much does it cost to develop an app?"

Many app development firms in Melbourne (and around Australia) will be hesitant to provide a costing without engaging the potential client first. That's because app development is a big deal these days and high ticket products need an in-depth sales process to prequalify clients (and get them over the sales lines).

Here at Adamant we do things differently. We've been doing it differently since 2005. Instead of dealing with a sales person you deal directly with a business minded developer. Who can immediately answer the important questions (is your app feasible, is there a demand for your app, how long will it take to code your app and how much).

A recent study indicated the average app costs around $171,450 to develop from other development studies with "budget" apps landing around the $10,000 - $50,000 mark. These are apps that are simpler in nature and don't require a lot of backend development.

Whereas Adamant provides app development services for a fraction of that cost. Our rapid development framework has been perfected and fine-tuned for 14 years. Ensuring that we get straight to the chase, develop your app quicker and launch on the app stores sooner. Not only saving you time but also reducing your development costs and recouping your investment sooner.

If you have an idea and you're looking for a local app development studio in Melbourne, contact us today. We'll be happy to provide you a free consultation and no obligation quote at the fraction of the cost of other app development studies.